Emerald and Turquoise Mala Necklace

By Turchin Jewelry

$ 485.00
Our one of a kind Emerald and Turquoise Mala Necklace was designed and made by Theresa and inspired by her love of this style of wood Mala bead, a deep chestnut brown with tiny ebony specs and of course the divine Emeralds. Throughout history the meaning of Emeralds are told to embody unity, compassion and unconditional love, also promoting friendship, and balance between partners. Theresa created this piece to be easily worn casually or dressed up, Day to night as she likes to roll, life is too busy to think too hard about fashion! Sterling silver details and a one of a kind turquoise and silver pendant hand made they’re freinds in Tibet make this a very special love filled necklace. Approximately 39”.
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