Labradorite and Antique Mala 4x Wrap Bracelet

By Turchin

$ 288.00

One of our customers favorite gemstones, Labradorite, and Antique Mala 4x Wrap Bracelet. Labradorite is a stunning translucent gemstone, known as the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the body and strengthening natural energies from within. This beautiful bracelet wraps 4x around your wrist in a delicate manner that is just delicious to look at and wear. You can also wear this style as a necklace, our one size fits a small to medium/large wrist order an extra small if your wrist is under 5 inches wide, and a size large if your wrist is over 7 inches in width Sterling silver, or  dipped in 22k gold vermeil. Made in the USA.

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