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About Turchin Love & Light Jewelry

Tommy & Theresa began the journey of Turchin Love & Light Jewelry in 2006.

"We started on our kitchen table creating necklaces and bracelets with Mala beads we bought from visiting Tibetan monks that inspired us with their wisdom and  compassion "

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Black Diamond Torch on Contrasting Chain Sterling Silver Peace Is Love Necklace The Journey Necklace Power Dragon Protection Chain Black Rhodium & Diamond Dagger Necklace

Unique Styles for the guys that want something unique, a standout design with modern style and fine craftsmanship.

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We enjoy custom designing pieces for our customers who are looking for that something special.

Made To Order

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Sizing Bracelets

We're often asked what size bracelet do I order? The easiest way is to follow the directions in the image above and find your size next to the wrist. 

Repurposing Heirlooms

We've had the privilege to repurpose/redesign our clients special jewelry whether it be a 50 year old heirloom or some jewelry or strands of beads that need an update.

Hand Cast Jewelry

Our Lost Wax Casting is the process by which a wax design is made into a jewelry mold then filled with silver to create a custom piece of jewelry.