Custom Designs Made Easy

Our custom design services include pendants, chain, rings, cuff links, earrings, bracelets and necklace's. 

Our custom designs are hand carved in the wax that will be the initial mold for the finished design. We differ from most jewelry stores and designers that create CAD designs manufactured in Computer Automated Design systems. Turchin Jewelry designs are hand made and thus have the look and feel of hand crafted custom jewelry-art.


1. Phone/Zoom call explaining what you'd like to have created. (no charge)

2. We then hand detail sketch 3-4 designs for you to choose from. ( 25$ per sketch)

3. Once the sketch is approved we send a quote to be approved for the finished design. A time table will be given for completion.

4. 50% payment is collected at this time.

5. When the custom design is completed the 50% balance will be due and your item will be shipped via insured shipping.