Jewelry Care


Each piece of Turchin Jewelry is meticulously hand made in our Asheville NC studio, therefore we have specific care instructions to keep your jewelry looking its best. All products excluding gold and silver rings (including 22k dipped rings) should be kept away from salt water and chlorine. Cord made designs could erode after repeated exposure to harsh chemicals and salt water so we ask you to take them off before swimming.

Gold plated items from Turchin are dipped in gold three times but do eventually fade over time, we have a re- plating service that is as easy as shipping your item to us, a small plating fee will be charged depending on the item.

Do not polish gold plated items.

You may polish your sterling silver and gold jewelry with a soft polishing cloth, do not use liquid cleaners on jewelry with leather, suede, or cotton cord work.

Please treat Turchin Jewelry as wearable art, precious, handmade, and valuable, take off before swimming and bathing.

if you have any questions about how to care for your Turchin design feel free to email us at customer support.