We’ve been creating jewelry for nearly two decades, we’re humbled by the catalog of designs our customers have collected during this time. Here we share some of these designs & inspirations, memories we hope to hold onto forever since these creations bring life & love into the world. Thank You for believing in us!

Blue Buddha With giant citrine in the third eye represents awakening and spiritual enlightenment, joy, energy and inspiration. These blue Buddha’s were created in very minimal quantities in Tibet, we designed the necklace utilizing our handmade rope techniques with our sterling silver links, beads & details. 

The Foo Dog Ring Interior: The Foo Dog is a protector of his charge he never steps down and is with you forever in strength & in spirit, we create these rings in sterling silver & many times have encrusted them with precious gemstones for our customers.

Ruby Encrusted Star & Foo Dragon Choker: As with the Foo Dog our Foo Dragons protect and are strength givers, but we designed them with the intention that they don’t breath Fire. These dragons are calm warriors that keep it in control.

Sterling Gemstone Encrusted & Filled Bottle & Necklace: We designed our bottle to hold precious memories of sand from a beach, birthstones of loved ones, or a locket of hair from a child, you choose your memory of love.

Ruby Encrusted Elephant Clasp Bracelet: Our elephant clasps are so special to us because we love elephants for their beauty, dignity, strength and Big love & compassionate spirits. We can add our large or medium elephant clasp to many designs & even encrust them with the gemstones of your choice.

Hand Sewn Leather Wrist Wrap With Sterling Buckle

Our Family Tree: We create these custom family tree pendants, add the birthstones of your family to personalize this special pendant.

Ruby & Diamond Wish Box Necklace: We had these boxes made in Tibet for our designs, they are meant to be opened so you can add your wish or prayer, keep it close to your heart.

Hardware Bracelet 

Gold Coin & Heart: The love and light coin sends a message into the world of compassion & goodness, we are created of this energy.


Her Eternity Cuff: Eternal love forever

Kim Kardashian in Mala Wraps


Beyonce In Diamond Necklace  

Triple Wrap Gold & Pearl Bracelet, we love designing with cultivated freshwater pearls since they are known to enhance and elevate love.