Our Philosophy

The greatest power in the universe, the highest energy of creation is at our fingertips, within each of us we hold this strength, this inspiration that is called...love.

Turchin Jewelry est. in 2007 

made in the USA

We began creating designs eight years ago on our kitchen table, in our home we taught local Artisian's the style we were visualizing. Inspired by Tibetan Monks we met we created some of our first designs using Blessed Mala Beads.

Hand crafted, hand cast, hand finished one by one has always been the process that we use to create designs that feel hand made and unique because they are, when you hold a Turchin design you see and feel the craftsmanship, we are told over and over by our customers that our jewelry makes them feel good.

 Turchin creates all of our unique casted designs using the Lost Wax ancient Art Technique. This method was first used by the early Egyptians but it was also independently discovered and used by tribal artists in South America who used it to cast pre-Columbian gold.

First in the process is hand carving our design in wax, most jewelry companies these days use computers to manufacture their waxes this is why each piece is identical and repetitive. With hand carving we create feeling and emotion in each design, a unique spirit of the craftsman legacy.

After the wax has been carved, increasingly coarse layers of clay are applied then allowed to dry. The first and finest clay slips capture the wax details in the smooth mold, and the coarser clay layers provide strength. The entire assemblage is fired, causing the original wax carving to melt away, leaving only a baked clay shell. Liquid silver or gold is poured into the empty mold and left to cool and harden. Later, the clay exterior is broken open, revealing the finished design beneath that is ready to be polished, and inlaid with gemstones.

 Turchin Jewelry opened it's flagship retail store and studio in Miami's Design District six and a half years ago. Turchin customers are world travelers from all over the globe that come back time and time again because as they tell us, " we've traveled all over the world and haven't seen anything like Turchin Jewelry."

 We strive to create from our heart artistic designs that captivate and inspire ourselves and our customers on a journey through life and love, this is the Turchin Experience.


- theresa & tommy Turchin