Our Philosophy

The greatest power in the universe, the highest energy of creation is at our fingertips, within each of us we hold this strength, this inspiration.

We began creating designs in 2005 on our kitchen table. We were Inspired by Tibetan Monks we met and created some of our first designs using Blessed Mala Beads and pendants we bought from them.

After a couple years we started to design our own silver beads, pendants, clasps, rings, and links using the Lost Wax Ancient Art Technique, a handmade art form where we cast limited pieces at a time. 

 We've always created from our heart, looking inward to what moves and inspires us. We hope our designs captivate and inspire our friends and customers on a journey through life and love.

 - Theresa & Tommy Turchin 


*Our latest photoshoot was done by our 11 year old At The Horse Shoe Farm in Hendersonville, NC. www.thehorseshoefarm.com