Ganesha One of A Kind Wish Necklace

By Turchin Jewelry

$ 645.00
Our Ganesha One of A Kind Wish Necklace is a deliciously designed necklace by Theresa Turchin using some of her favorite blue agate and tangerine faceted Carnelian gemstones. “These stunning blue stones are such great quality that they look so very similar to real turquoise, which is crazy expensive and very rare these days. I designed this necklace with a carefree bohemian in mind much like myself who wants to express themselves in a completely independent and unique way. I used Tibetan mala beads as well as I just love the hand made nature of them, our hand carved Ganesha resides inside this beautiful pendant as a gatekeeper of sorts to guide and protect you. Our pendant was handmade  in Tibet in Tibetan silver and plated in 22k gold. 38” in total length. Handmade with ❤️.
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