Ruby and Sandalwood 4X Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

By Turchin

$ 320.00

Ruby and Sandalwood 4X Wrap Bracelet/Necklace is so diverse, you can wear this style as the coolest layered bracelet and it also doubles as a long necklace or even wrapped twice around your neck for the layered look. Sweet smelling sandalwood is the perfect hue next to our shimmering rubies, always known as a symbol of passion, protection and prosperity. Ruby symbolizes the sun, and its glowing hue suggests an inextinguishable flame within the stone that legends claim would shine through even the thickest clothing and could not be hidden. Our one size fits a small to medium/large wrist order an extra small if your wrist is under 5 inches wide, and a size large if your wrist is over 7 inches in width.sterling silver dipped in 22k gold and gold vermeil details. Made in the USA.

GV details hand made in the USA.

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